Utah Cannabis - From Farm to Pharmacy Shelf

Cannabis Cup Winner takes big gamble on Utah’s first ever hemp crop

Farm to Pharma’s Pain Cream has become the most recommended Topical CBD in the state.  Until now, the hemp for this cream has been sourced from Colorado and processed in Oklahoma.  “We always wanted the chance to one day source our hemp from local, family owned Utah farms and have it processed locally.  A true farm to pharmacy production, all in our great State of Utah”. Says Amber Ericksen from Farm to Pharma.  However, until this year, it was not legal or possible in the state.

High Times Cannabis Cup CBD topical cream trophy
High Times Cannabis Cup CBD topical cream trophy

Way out West! Clean air, clean water, and great big buds!

The McPherson family knows how to farm!  They have been doing it for decades out here.  What they were able to raise and harvest this first year was remarkable.  It even brought praise from the Department of Agriculture.  When we toured and inspected the McPherson family farm, we found high quality flower with high CBD content around 20%.  It was testing below .3% THC by volume.  Any more than .3% THC, and the crop is considered “HOT” and must be destroyed by order of the Department.

Hemp farm in Delta Utah

We watched as the farmers took care stripping the plants by hand, then trimming down the flower.  The entire farm had potent aromatic flavonoids wafting in the wind.  There were so many unique smells, my nose could hardly process it.  It was really veryenjoyable to be out there amongst the plants.  Mont and Rob let us camp right in the center of the huge hemp farm.  It was an amazing experience.  

Hand shucked and fresh air-dried Utah cannabis flower

After the buds are separated from the stick and stalk, they are placed by hand in drying trays and stacked on top of each other.  Everyone at Mont’s farm was very respectful with the plant and took great care of it through the process.  It was as if they recognized thesacred nature of the medicine they were handling.  They understand, as well as we do, what relief and comfort the plants would bring to many suffering people.  “It is a real honor to help so many people by making sure they get their medicine”. Said Christopher who was there for the duration of the harvest.

Headed to Beautiful Heber and Boojum Group’s Processing Laboratory

Dashiel, his sister Olivia, and his sweetheart Britni are the brilliant team that run the high tech processing lab that specializes in custom blends.  They are small, but they are running state of the art, clean extraction techniques.  They extract with ethanol and are able to produce a very potent product with a wide range of cannabinoids present in the final product.  We brought them our award-winning formulation that we just won the cannabis cup with in Oklahoma.  We presented it to these cannabis genius mad scientists and asked them how can we can improve upon our winning formula.  We put our heads together, and we decided that we could do it better here in Utah!

These Brilliant MAD Scientists are actually… Kind
(These are not Halloween costumes) 

After Dashiel’s team tried our current cream, they wanted to see the COA (certificate of analysist) on the product.  After studying the ingredients of the pain cream base, they had a suggestion.  Boojum are experts at producing specialized distillate for specific purposes.  They suggested one of their special blends, created from a very good crop of Utah cannabis that had a very high CBG and CBN count.  Since we know those cannabinoids are very powerful at targeting inflammation, we all agreed that it would be the best choice for our cream.  The farmers call this strain Merlot. The next thing we decided on after the strain was packaging.  We wanted to thank our loyal customers and patients, and reward them with MORE cream for the same price.  As we searched top pharmaceutical grade bottles on the market, we really fell in love with a new series of airless pumps from cosmetic packaging that dispense 1.1ml each pump.  We went with a 50ml (1.7 oz) small size with 250mg of CBD (5.5mg per pump).  We went with a large 5 ounce (5 oz) size for our 500mg formula (4.66mg per pump).  The overall size grew by about 20% for our customers.  

Isolate VS Full Spectrum extracts…. an easy choice 

I always knew that we someday we could bring the growing, processing, and lab work all here to Utah.  I had no idea that it would all happen in just a year.  We knew that the best way to go back and win the Cannabis Cup again for best topical would be to improve our formulation.

We decided to go away from the Oklahoma lab that was mixing in an isolate CBD, and elected to go with Boojum who blended in a powerful full spectrum cannabis extract.  The full spectrum has the complete entourage effect.  The closer to nature the better, and a whole plant approach to natural medicine wins every time.  As far as results…I can assure you, as a CBD nerd who loves this cream, I applied it right away.  I have been using for several days and the verdict is in.  It DOES indeed work better than the original.  It works a little bit faster, and it seems to last longer as well.  It also hits the high ‘pain peaks’ with more consistency than the isolate formulation.

Cannabis Laws, Policies & Statutes in Utah!

Chain of custody is taken seriously in this business.  Of all the cannabis friendly states in the U.S., Utah has some of the strictest labeling laws, lab requirements, and safety procedures in place.  Utah has a very effective and well-respected Department of Agriculture who are doing a stellar job managing the Hemp programs thus far.

Everything must be tagged, labeled, scanned, and 3rd party lab tested.  It is really a fun feeling to personally go to the lab, and pick up the freshly mixed CBD cream . I know for a fact it was hand made by care by people who actually really do CARE.  Britni and Olivia have such kind and beautiful souls. They love their work and it is evident in the way that I feel when I am at their lab.  The last time I went, I felt like I just wanted to linger a little longer because the energy was so great there.  Dashiel, always the professional, provided me with the tests on the distillate as well as on the flower used to create it.  I check his QR codes and quantities and I find that everything is in order.  I take possession of the unlabeled, bottledand sealed product.  I take the product to my business location where I label the product and inventory it in preparation for sales the following day to half a dozen pharmacies who are chomping at the bit to get more cream.

“Our Patients Love the CREAM”

said every pharmacist who’s carried it

Delivering the new batch of cream to my pharmacists is really fun!  This time was especially fun because they learned the good newsabout this amazing new Utah sourced full spectrum batch.

I am excited to see what the future of Utah hemp and cannabis holdsin my state.  I know that this batch will help a great deal of pain patients, people suffering with joint pain, chronic headaches, and a lot of post-op rehab patients as well.  It gives us thrilling reward to bring the best CBD topical formulation to patients and providers across Utah.

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