Dr. Andrea Loving offers KETAMINE TREATMENT

More about Andrea Loving, Andrea is a gifted healer who understand addiction recovery and mental health very well.  Not only is she a pioneer in cannabis treatment, but she is one of the few providers in Utah offering KETAMINE INJECTION THERAPY.  I have personally been through a ketamine treatments with Andrea and they are incredibly helpful to me and my mental / emotional stability.  I have enjoyed these medical "trips"  in a controlled environment, under Dr. Loving's care, in a massage chair, with headphones on and a heavy blanket.  I am a cannabis patient, so I can augment my session with discreet dosing which I find helpful. My mind is free to open up and surrender, priorities come into focus, and I emotionally process a great deal.  I am exhausted the day after, but the next day I shoot out of bed like a piece of toast feeling great.  It helps me to understand that during the session, I am doing WORK!.  I recognize that my mind is processing at a remarkable rate at a very deep subconscious level.  Online doing WORK in traditional therapy sessions, ketamine takes place in absolute silence, in the solitude of your inner mind.  Just remember to breathe and let go and have a spirit of gratitude and acceptance when you show up.  I find that what needs to be processed, gets processed, and I get to just relax and enjoy 20-50 minutes of bliss.  Expect 2 hour recovery your first time.  Even just 1 session has life lasting effects on some  people. Your fist session will be your best one, so treasure it.   Dr. Loving charges $300 for the treatment.  If you want to do it as a couple or with a friend in the same room, we can do setup a double room for $500 total to give you some savings.  If you want to experience a Ketamine Injection therapy with Dr. Loving  Click on this link to get into her clinic in Millcreek
Alie Medical in Wasatch Eye Care Building 4400 S 700 E