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Medical Cannabis Card for Empathetix patients of Utah - Important Information

March 1st registration opens for Medical Cards There are still a lot of unknowns about the process of obtaining a medical card in Utah, but there are few things that we do know.  Sunday, March 1st at 9am the Utah Department of Health will open their registration portal for patients to apply for a medical cannabis recommendation.March 2nd Utah's first dispensary will openOne day after Utah opens up registration for medical cards, the first dispensary will open its doors.   Monday, March 2nd Dragonfly Wellness, is expected to be opening downtown, they are located at 711 S. State.  There will be a few pre-selected medical cannabis patients who will walk through the doors and make a purchase with news cameras rolling.  These patients have already been issued pre-release medical cards.  I don't think there will be any other customers that day, because registration for cards only began 1 day prior.Unknowns regarding medical cardIt is important to recognize that we are all witnessing a once in a lifetime shift in modern medical history.  There are still many unknowns for providers at this early stage.  For example, we have no idea what level of charting, notes, and documentation the Health Department will require of our providers (QMP's).  For example, if we have issued a medical letter (recommendation) to a patient with PTSD...will the Department require providers to upload the actual diagnosis from a mental health professional who made the diagnosis?  We have no idea.  Is the Department going to require that we upload documentation on pain patients such as MRI's and medication history?  We just do not know.We will all learn a great deal during the first few weeks of March, by then our providers will have had a chance to log into the Health Departments QMP portal and begin authorizing patients for medical cards.  Once the authorization is submitted, the Department must approve it, and then they email a medical card to the patient.

Friend of Mario was patient #1 in Utah

What does my letter do for me?The letter you were issued (or hope to have issued)  is technically called an "Affirmative Defene Letter" and it is a stop gap, temporary measure to give Utah citizens the immidiate legal right to possess and use cannabis during this "trial period" which ends in 2021.Your letter will protect you from having and using cannabis in Utah until 2021.Once we are into 2021 you will need to obtain a medical card through the Department.  If you wish to purchase cannabis from a dispensary during this year of 2020, you will need to apply for and obtain a medical card from the Department.

Health Dept. Protections for Letter Holders

All of our Providers are QMP's There are several QMP's in the state who are not currently found on the Deparment's list of QMP's.  I assure you all the providers with Empathetix are indeed QMP's who have been through the Department's training. This is an error on the part of the Department, when we question them, this was their reply:  This is a new program, and there are a lot of bugs to work out.  There has been some technical problems with the QMP registration system, but we will have it updated soon.QMP's who are general practitioners such as a D.O., MD, PA, or Nurse Practitioner's may have up to 275 cannabis patients.  That means once a provider enters their authorization for their 275th cannabis patient card, they will be unable to authorize any more patients for

Should I apply for a letter with the Government?It depends what kind of a situation you are in.  Let me explain-

 If it were me, and I didn't have a slam dunk qualifying condition I would not at this time.If you are a little more concerned about having the Department scrutinize your "qualifying condition", I would hold off and not apply for a medical card until it is required.  If you are ok not being able to purchase in a Utah dispensary for now. As long as you have your letter, you are perfectly fine to obtain cannabis any other way (friends, out of state, online) until 2021.  We imagine that laws will continue to loosen and more conditions will be added to the list of qualifying contains by next year.  But for now, you are totally protected with my letter, only disadvantage is you can't shop in a UT dispensary. 

If I don't want to shop in UT Dispensary this year anywayIf you don't want to pay the fees and go through the hassle of registering with the Department and the possibility of being denied.. I just would hold off on getting my letter.  If you don't want to pay high prices at UT dispensary, and pay the high taxes, and if you already have a good reliable source for cannabis, I would not get a letter until you are required to do so in Jan. of 2021. 

If I am paranoidNo disrespect intended, I fit into this category myself a little bit.  If you are worried about getting on a federal database, if you are worried about it becoming public information that you use cannabis, or if you are worried about an employer potentially finding out, or if you are worried about your gun rights may be infringed upon due to cannabis use, I would would hold off and not be one of the first Utahn's to get a medical card.  I would continue shopping as a recreational customer in Wendover, drive home to Utah worry free with your cannabis and your letter sitting on the front passenger seat and not worried about getting pulled over. 

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You do want to shop in a UT dispensaryIf I don't know where to get cannabis right now, and you want to shop in a dispensary you may want to apply for your card.If you don't have a good trusted source for cannabis, and you will be relying on purchasing your cannabis from a UT dispensary, you should probably apply for a medical card through the Department.  We can help you get vape cartridges and edibles once you receive your letter.  The department is "silent" on where a medical cannabis patients obtains their cannabis during the "trial period" (until 2021).  Therefore it is not illegal for your to borrow, loan, give, or buy cannabis from another medical letter holder. We do bulk online purchases on occasion, so we can pass savings along to our patients and help you get good, tested, safe and effective medical cannabis during this trial period of 2020.  

Instructions for Applying for Medical Card with the State

Dragonfly Wellness Medical Pharmacy opens downtown SLC