2019 Cannabis Cup Winner Best Topical CBD

Congratulations to Colorado Cures for winning the 2019 Cannabis Cup for BEST CBD TOPICAL FORMULATION!   If you want to find this amazing hot pain formula, there is only one place to find it…Farm to Pharma is the only company in Utah carrying this (now famous) Cannabis Cup Winner!

Farm to Pharma pain creams in local Utah pharmacy
Farm to Pharma pain creams in local Utah pharmacy

Patients have been raving about this unique blend of potent (non-THC) cannabis sativa L (hemp) as well as the enhancement from a handful of other terpenes that act as drivers to the CBD to focus the power of the CBD as not only an amazing epidermal anti-inflammatory but also as as a joint focused penetrator that our arthritis patients can’t live without.

I am so grateful for the power of family!  My cousin Chris (Beanie) Miles taught me everything he knows about this amazing business.  I am so honored to be representing his hard work by sharing his amazing products all across Utah.  There would be NO Farm to Pharma without Chris. Thank you so much, patients all across Utah are grateful for this amazing formulation that exists no where else in the marketplace, it truly is special.

Shane Ericksen