CBD & Opioids Education to Doctors

CBD can help! That is the message of todays Q&A with physicians in Roy, Utah. Physicians are coming around to the idea of recommending low-THC medical cannabis, Cannabidiol, or CBD to their patients. Truth is, there is very little else that a doctor has to offer an opioid dependent patient. Doctors are finding that a high dose of full spectrum CBD just may be their best ally to help ween an opioid patient off high doses of the narcotic.

Today I met with a couple MD's, a DO, a couple Nurse Practitioners and a PA or two. They were excited to get deeper information on CBD and how it is helping patients at Ridgeview Pharmacy in Roy Utah. I recorded some of the Q&A. I hope that it is helpful to you. All the best. Shane from Farm to Pharma CBD.

Shane Ericksen of Farm to Pharma CBD speaking to a group of Medical Providers with Pharmacist Cody Hymas of Ridgeview Pharmacy.

Pharmacist Cody Hymas discusses a story about a patient who was a 'chronic runner outer'. This means that the patient regularly would run out of her opiate prescription, in this case, oxycodone. The patient was at her wits end, trying to get off opiates many many times on her own. This time was different because she had a wonderful doctor (Doctor East) who recommended that she try CBD. Dr. East had read about study trials in which high doses of Cannabidiol, CBD were administered to opioid dependent patients as the doses were titrated down. The suggestion changed this patients life. She was able to get her 40mg oxycodone dose down to just 5 or 10 mg per day. She returned to normal life. She now drives, she does not slur her speech, her memory is much better. She has less anxiety and sleeps better as well. CBD really can be a huge blessing to patients looking to get off of opioids. Farm to Pharma CBD advocates for patients who are seeking a natural alternative to health and pain management.