Dr. Andrea Loving is finally on QMP list

Thank you for your patience everyone, you are a very nice bunch of people and it is an honor to have gotten to know you and be of some help on this cool journey we are all on.

Right now you have a doctor recommendation for cannabis, it's not a prescription.  You are protected from the law during 2020 because you hold what is called an: "Affirmative Defense Letter" (temporary medical card during the trial period and valid  until 1-1-2021) If you want a Government issued ID card that will allow you to get a prescription (dictating dosage strength and form) and you want to shop at a Utah Medical Pharmacy, you need to obtain a Utah Medical Cannabis Card, ONLINE, from the Health Department.  This is an actual government document, so you must take a few more steps.  

First thing to do after being issued a letter by a QMP such as Andrea Loving, is to go to:   UTAH ID create account

Enter as a patient and follow the prompts, enter lots of personal information, verify addresses and finally, at one point you will get to a pull down menu of QMP's (Cannabis Doctors) you should now find Andrea Loving on the list, please select her name.

Submit it, and your registration status will go to: "Awaiting Certification"

Once you see this on the screen, you are good to wait... Nothing further you can do at this point.

Keep checking back to this screen, because this will change and there will be a new prompt  for you to accept the doctors authorization.  After that,  there is a payment button you must select to pay a $15 registration fee.  Then "the Department will email the patient a medical card within 14 days."  

Right this moment Dr. Loving is going through and authorizing her first patients that she issued recommends to back in early 2019.  She is a total hero, Dr. Loving of Alie Medical was one of the first providers in the valley who had the courage to support her patients right to cannabis treatment.  She has been writing these letters as long as anyone in Utah.  So it is taking a great deal of work on her part.  In order to authorize a cannabis patient, the QMP must enter notes and go through a process in the portal to justify the diagnosis and to advise dosing guidelines.  
Be advised:  If you are applying for a card, you may be asked to upload some medical history depending on what condition you came in under.  

I will be emailing out a link where patients can order vape cartridges from a trusted local source.